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30 Days of Making in April

Back in April, I embarked on By Bun's April Art Challenge — 30 art prompts to be completed in the 30 days of the month.

The ByBun April Art Challenge prompt list for 2020

I believe that imposing limitations is a great way to focus your art, and cut down on time spent floundering between ideas.

These are the limitations I set for myself:

  • each piece must be created in Adobe Illustrator (a vector based program)

  • each piece must be created in a square (the best for sharing on Instagram)

I've been using Illustrator for over 15 years in my career as a graphic designer. Although I consider myself to have fairly advanced knowledge of the program, really diving in and making something new every day led to discovery of new techniques and helped me level up.

One of the benefits of having a daily challenge was giving myself something to focus on each day, and helped distract me from the odd situation most of us faced while adapting to quarantine and physical distancing.

The other, is now I have 30 new illustrations to share. Not everything you make during a challenge will be perfect, but I came out with a few i really love that you may recognize from my portfolio or free colouring pages (go check them out)!

Have you participated in any week or month long art challenges? Did you find it to be a positive experience?

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