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Ear friends

Updated: May 22

We all seem to be listening to a lot of podcasts these days — self improvement, business development, global issues — you know, serious, important stuff...

But how many podcasts make you feel genuinely good? Ear friends are those comforting voices that keep you company, make you smile, and brighten your day.

I would like to introduce you to some of mine.

Meg Lewis

Meg is a genuine, talented, silly, insightful human being who is 100% Meg. One part designer, one part comedian, she has not one, but TWO podcasts for your listening pleasure.

She is the host of the official Dribbble Overtime podcast bringing your design news and ponderings each week. She also hosts Sit There & Do Nothing, a collection of soothing guided meditation story times that will make you smile.

Visit MegLewis.com for all things Meg!

Andy J. Pizza

Arguably the king of creativity podcasts, Andy's Creative Pep Talk is a weekly dose of peppy advice and insight. Episodes often feature interviews with incredible talented creatives and are always chock full of personality and references to the weird and wonderful things many of us grew up with (Fraggle Rock anyone?).

Hop over to AndyJPizza.com to see his vibrant illustrations, or download Creative Pep Talk on your favourite podcast portal.

Steve Folland

This biscuit loving Brit Interviews all manner of freelances in many industries on his Being Freelance podcast. While serious topics are often addressed, Steve's friendly manner makes you feel like you'd sharing stories over a pint. The easily digestible 30-45 minute episodes are perfect for a stroll around the neighbourhood or a commute to a meeting in times that allow for that.

Check out the podcast at BeingFreelance.com, and while you're at it, pop over to YouTube to see his vlogs.

Giving back

Podcasts being a bit of a one-way street, there's a good chance that even your closest ear friends have no idea who you are. They put in time, energy and love to deliver their podcasts to you for free, so take a moment to thank them:

  • Share their podcast with a friend or colleague who would enjoy it

  • Say thank you directly on social media (I'm sure it will be appreciated!)

  • Join their Patreon (a monthly subscription that supports the work they do which often includes access to exclusive content)

  • Drop a few dollars in their Kofi account (like a virtual tip jar)

  • See if they sell any merch or online courses

  • Write a blog/social media post about why you love them ;)

So, who are YOUR ear friends?


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