• Elyxandra

Make of our hands one hand

In the interest of shaking things up and strengthening my portfolio, I enrolled in a 4 month assignment bootcamp from Mark Art That Sells, an education platform for creatives founded by Lilla Rogers

Our April assignment assignment was to create a poster for the contemporary broadway adaptation of West Side Story. The original production was a 1950s take on Romeo and Juliet, made most famous by the 1961 film adaptation (and later a brilliant Goodfeathers segment of the animated show Animaniacs). I love musicals and am looking forward to the day when I can return to a Mirvish or Shea's theatre to take in a show, so this assignment was extra fin for me.

All of the elements of this poster were made by hand, and composited digitally - including the outlines which were cut from cardstock then scanned in to give an interesting variation to the line weight. The image represents Maria reaching down from her fire escape to Tony - creating something beautiful from their differences when they come together.


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