• Elyxandra

Taking Time to Make

When life goes into lockdown a lot of things change, most noticeably, I've had a lot more time to fill. No more weekends consumed by running around town on errands. No more leisurely dinners with good friends at local restaurants. No more weekend get-aways.

While I've spent a lot of time playing Animal Crossing New Horizons, and catching up on reading, I've also been able to prioritize time to create things for myself. I've been participating in the Make Art that Sells Assignment Bootcamp since the beginning of March as a way to try some new things and hopefully come up with a couple new portfolio-worthy pieces. I'm also participating in ByBun's April Art Challenge on Instagram which gives me a daily creative task to accomplish. The daily act of creating is reawakening the creative centres in my brain — my sketchbook is filling up notes and roughs and I've found myself pulling out paint and other supplied just for the sake of making. I haven't felt this creatively fulfilled in a long time.

There is no knowing how long this new normal will last, but I hope when we're able to go back to participating in public life, I'll retain these new practices.


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