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Travel Journal: Mexico

Earlier this year I had the opportunity for a week-long getaway with some friends. The warm Mexican sunshine was welcome after a grey Canadian winter.

We stayed on a beautiful resort, filled with pools, plants and statues.

There were animals everywhere - spider monkeys lounged in the mangroves by the beach, lizards and cats basked in the sun alongside the walkways, and coati were ever vigilant for abandoned pool-side snacks. These long-nosed relatives of the racoon stole my heart (along with many hotdogs).

Although I had a wonderful time enjoying the pools, restaurants and a heavenly sea-side massage, I'm not much of a resort person at heart. I was so glad we took an afternoon to visit nearby Playa del Carmen.

The taxi dropped us off at one end of a boulevard, lined with shops and closed to vehicles. It was a curious mix of souvenir stalls, restaurants, and upscale modern stores familiar from back home (H&M, Victoria's Secret, Sephora). Beautiful flowering trees reached their branches over the street as vendors beckoned us to purchase goods like cigars and blankets.

At the end of the boulevard were 2 landmarks we had set-out to see. The first was a beautiful archway, featuring two figures that appear to be rising up out of the sea beyond. Second was Capilla de Nuestra Senora del Carmen, a beautiful white Catholic chapel unlike anything I had ever seen.

I've been wanting to capture my travel members in a series of vintage travel inspired stamp illustrations. When I thought back over the recent trip, two things came to mind, so I opted to do one for the animals on resort, and another for our afternoon in Playa del Carmen.

I have compiled a list of the places I have visited in my life which will serve as a checklist for this series going forward. I'll be sure to share future designs here on the blog.


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