• Elyxandra


I have been creating things for most of my life; drawings, paintings, fimo sculptures, beaded necklaces covered in glitter (what 6 year old crafter doesn't love glitter?!). I've always been happy to show off my creations to friends and family, and I create a whole host of things in my role as a graphic designer, but I've never had the confidence to try and sell my personal creations without the anonymity of an Etsy storefront to hide behind. On July 7 I finally faced that fear. I arrived at the Art Gallery of Hamilton with a large tote bag full of stickers, zines and prints to participate in the Hamilton Zineposium. We were set up in the pavilion, a bright and airy space next to the sculpture garden. The room was lined with tables with the names of all of the exhibitors. I found my space next to Rin of Crow and Moon Press who had travelled from London, ON to be there that day. As a seasoned zine maker and exhibitor, she graciously shared advice on tabling and helped me get a couple of photos of my set-up.

It was fascinating to see an event like this from the other side of the table. So many kind people stopped by to say kind words about my work, and I even made a few sales. Even better than that, I got to interact with other creators from around Ontario, hear a few of their stories and made a few zine trades.

By the end of the 5 hours I was feeling drained yet energized, and excited to try this again. I'm so glad I faced my fears and gave it a try!


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